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Community Service

community service hours

community service hours

Community service hours are part of the PVUSD graduation requirements. All students must complete 40 community service hours in order to graduate from all PVUSD schools. Hours are tracked on the high school transcript.
  • Students are encouraged to complete a minimum of 10 hours of community service each academic year. Hours prior to high school do not count; summer hours during high school can count.
  • Students who earn 100 or more hours by the end of senior year are eligible to receive a community service cord and certificate for the graduation ceremony.
  • Students who are new to PCCS, but have attended other PVUSD schools are still required to complete 40 hours to be eligible for graduation. 
  • Students who are new to PCCS and new to PVUSD are required to complete a minimum of 10 hours a year for the years attend at schools in PVUSD. For example, a senior new to PCCS and PVUSD will need to complete 10 hours.
  • Community service hours are defined as hours spent working for a non-profit group or organization that benefits the community. Students cannot be paid nor compensated for these hours in any way. 
  • Community service hours are due every school year.
Community Service Activities (Yes, these count for Community Service):
  • Volunteering for non-profit groups such as schools, youth organizations, beach clean-up organizations, religious groups, etc.
  • Creating your own community service projects! Design your own and have a teacher be your advisor.
  • Fundraising for non-profit organizations like the Red Cross, American Cancer Society or others.
  • After-hours school-related volunteering, such as helping a teacher, librarian, office staff, or other staff members on campus.
Non-Community Service Activities (No, these DO NOT count):
  • Class assignments and field trips.
  • School fundraising activities for clubs, sports teams, or other groups.
  • Activities for which students are paid.
  • Working for “free” for a friend or family member’s business.
  • Court-mandated community service OR community service that is required as part of a class.
If you need help in finding a place or coming up with ideas, please talk to your Supervising Teacher, School Counselor, or school. Also, if you need help with introducing yourself to an organization, here is a helpful script.
Where Can I Find Volunteer Opportunities? 
Scroll down on this page.
When Are My Hours Due? 
A minimum of 10 hours per school year. 
Community Service Verification Forms
Use these forms to document your community service hours. Submit hours to PCCS office. It is recommended to take a picture/screenshot of your forms and hours.
Cabin leader for science camp

Cabin leader for science camp

Volunteer to be a cabin leader for a week at SCIENCE CAMP!  This program is run by the County of Santa Cruz, and is located in the hills of Corralitos, CA. 
If you are interested, click on the link below and print out the application form, or come pick one up in the office.  Recruit a few of your friends, and you MIGHT be able to go as a group, depending on the week.