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My name is Sophia Ceja and I am the Library Media Tech at PCCS. I have enjoyed my job as an LMT for over the last sixteen years. I started at a traditional high school and transitioned to Pacific Coast Charter over six years ago. I love helping students.
First and foremost, I strive to maintain a warm and welcoming environment for our students and staff. Our library is a designated centralized location for resources, also known as the Resource Center. Our Library Resource Center is also utilized for after school tutorial, occasional guest speakers, book fairs, award nights and other events.
My role is to provide students and staff with resources and materials that support curriculum and instruction. These resources include library books, textbooks, class novels, chromebooks, online resources and public resources.
Our library is not just a room full of books, but a safe space for all students. Equity, diversity and inclusion is valued here. Students can expect to work comfortably whether alone or with a group of friends. Students can also expect to find a book of their interest on display. Chromebooks and instructional materials are available daily. Students are encouraged to read, study, work on homework/class assignments, display art/projects, share ideas and ask for help or just sit and breathe if they are having a day.
We have a great selection of library books for all students from classic novels, popular fiction, graphic novels, poetry, non-fiction and so much more. Our library is supported by outside sources such as, The Watsonville Public Library and Book Shop Santa Cruz.
I believe that students, parents and staff appreciate the accessibility of resources and the atmosphere in our library.
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