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8th Grade Project

8th Grade Project

It has been a long-standing tradition for our 8th grade students at PCCS to complete a research presentation at the end of the school year. Above you will find a timeline of due dates for the 8th grade project, information about the scope of the project, as well as a series of meeting times that we will be offering throughout the next couple of months to help you and your son/daughter along his/her way towards a successful completion.  We want to make sure you all feel supported along this journey towards a successful 8th grade project!



8 th Grade Project Guidelines

8th Grade Capstone Project


The project can be any of the (3) essays types that we studied:  narrative (tell a story), persuasive (your opinion) or informative (you be the expert).  Most of you should choose the informative style.

You have a chance to show-off what you have learned and share what you like.

This is your crowning academic achievement before you graduate.  Have fun with it and make it an enjoyable experience for all, but especially for you.


Your Supervising Teacher can guide you through the process.

Below you will find a summary of the (6) steps of the project and the deadlines (these are to keep you on task).


To find detailed instructions, how to guides and examples:

Join the Google Class – “8th Grade Project”  class code:  ggbwn4t


SAMPLE Completion Guideline

Date                Task

3/1                   Step 1 – Choose a Topic

3/17                 Step 2 – Gather Research

3/31                 Step 3 – Outline your Topic

4/21                 Step 4 – Write a Rough Draft (this will eventually become your Final Draft)

5/5                   Step 5 – Cite your Research and do a Bibliography

5/19                 Step 6 – The Finishing Touches


Have Fun!