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Assessment Testing

Twice a year students in grades 2 through 12 take an assessment test.  Students are asked to take this test at the beginning and the end of the school year.  The test takes 45 minutes.  This is important in order to track each students progress throughout the year. Students will be assessed in language Arts and Math.  Results will be used to set up your individual learning plan.  Contact your Supervising Teacher for more information.


Practice SBAC Testing


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SBAC/ Common Core Testing Info/practice

Power Point Presentation   English   Spanish

  • On slide # 17 you will have to plug in the information to these questions prior to viewing


Handouts that you can make available:

CCSS Introduction for Families   English    Spanish

SBAC Preparing Students for Success   English   Spanish

SBAC Creating an Adaptive Test (pg.2 Common Questions about Adaptive Testing)    English     Spanish


PTA Parents’ Guide to New Assessments in California   (in English only)

PTA Moving Beyond the Bubble (in English only)