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Work Permit

School Year Work Permits: PCCS Students can get work permits from the office through-out the school year.  You must have a written note/phone call from your teacher that tells the office you are in good standing (homework up to date, good grades in all classes, keeping appointments. with your teacher, etc.)  

To receive your FIRST work permit from PCCS, you must bring in your ORIGINAL social security card, so we can make a copy of it (we may ask for Birth Certificate too if we don't have one on file).  Once you've gotten your first one with us, then we won't ask to see those items again for renewals, but you will still need your teachers permission.

Summer Work Permits:  If you need a work permit during the summer when our office is closed, you can receive a work permit starting on the 1st day of summer from Adult Ed in the building next door to us. 1st floor/Towers/294 Green Valley Rd.


Work permits are required for all students under the age of 18.


Doing independent study at PCCS does not allow you to work more hours than being a student at a regular school, because you are still required to work 4 hours a day 5 days a week on your school work, and school work comes first!