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K-5 Guidelines

Things to Remember


  1. Safety First: Remind your child about walking in the parking lot and halls, washing hands before eating & after using the toilet, ‘elbowing’ their coughs & sneezes, knowing where to wait for you after class, etc.
  2. Communication: We care about you and your child, which means we want you to have a positive experience at school. Please talk with one of us about concerns of any kind so we can problem-solve together. Little things that don’t seem right to you are important, and can be resolved much more easily than if they become big things.
  3. Snack: Please send a healthy snack that takes no more than 10 minutes for your child to eat. Lunch should happen before wkshps (hence the 12:30 start time). Kids who bring a full lunch won’t have time to eat it all.
  4. Snack Time Parents: Yes, we count on you each taking a turn watching the kiddos 1 time during each quarter. Snack is from 1:15-1:45. (2 groups of 15 min each) Sign up in hallway. This truly makes a difference.
  5. Scents: Some of our teachers, kids, and parents get headaches/allergy symptoms from the pretty smells people wear. Please avoid wearing scented lotions, sunscreen, perfumes, cologne, or hair products to school. We are a fragrance free zone.
  6. Sick Kids: Here we go—the season of kids in groups sharing germs indoors ;-(. Please keep your child home when they feel crummy so fewer germs are on the march in the building. A few of our students can end up hospitalized when common germs attack them. Our PCCS community has been so careful about this and it has helped a lot. Sometimes caring is not sharing (germs).
  7. Parent Room: There is a place you can hang out while you are waiting. Wifi access = ’pajaro2100’
  8. Copy Room: This room is used now by 5 high school staff in addition to the K-8 staff. Please let teachers have priority using the copier whenever possible. Kids should not be in this room alone. You can take advantage of our huge curriculum resources anytime, 8-4 pm daily.
  1. Welcome New Families: See a new face? Please introduce yourself. Our parents are the very best homeschool resources (yes, you)! Share an idea that has worked for you. Give one and get one.