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Comprehensive Safety Plan & Reunification Map for Parent & Students

ARCO Gas Station

Students have been showing up late to classes because they thought they had enough time to run over to the ARCO Gas Station during the 15 minutes in between class changes. 15 minutes is NOT long enough!  

Please be sure you are visiting the store before your classes start, at lunch break, or after school. Please also note; food is not to be eaten in classrooms/Resource Room. Allow yourself enough time to eat your "goodies" BEFORE you enter the classrooms.

Parent's please talk to your students about these guidelines, to ensure they understand what is expected of them.  

Grades K-8 should not be at the market at all unless accompanied by a parent!

Unsafe Areas

Parents please remind your children to stay away from: 

  • The creek/bridge area that runs along the Towers/Eiskamp.
  • The parking lot.  This area is unsafe, and unsanitary, we do not want any students getting injured, or sick.  Thank you!
Safety ABC